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Give potential employers an assurance of authenticity.

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protect brand integrity

Maintain Brand Integrity

Fraudulent certificates and transcripts can seriously undermine the reputation of your institution.

protect students

Protect Your Students

Your students worked hard. Don't discredit the months and years of effort that they have put in.

automate process

Automate Your Process

No more manual verifications, save time and resources.

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Blackboard Learn is a virtual learning environment and learning management system.


D2L is the developer of the Brightspace learning management system which cloud-based software is used widely by institutes.


AsknLearn is developed by Wizlearn Technologies, a leading eLearning solutions company in Singapore.


The Canvas is an open, extensible Learning ecosystem that alows schools to build the digital learning environment.

Accredify in
 5 steps 

Register as a certificate store by requesting for a demo. This won't take long, it'll only take 10 minutes of your time!

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Import the details of the recipients and certificate that you want to issue by your preferred method.

We'll convert the imports into OpenCerts and issue them on the blockchain.

With a simple click distribute the certificates to your recipients.

Allow employers, companies, and your recipients to verify their certificates on your website.

How it

Preparing the certificate

prepare cert step 1

An OpenCert file containing information such as issuer name, recipient name, and grades is created.

prepare cert step 2

The certificate is then hashed and signed by the issuing institution and its unique hash is stored on the blockchain

Verifying the certificate

signature is verified

When a certificate is validated, Accredify verifies that the certificate's signature exists on the blockchain

hashed is compared

The certificate's content is then hashed again and compared to the hash in the signature.

if matches, certificate is valid

If the hash matches the one on the blockchain and the certificate has not been revoked, the certificate is deemed valid.